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Cambridge has a simple philosophy when it comes to our clients’ insurance needs: protection with more choices. We have low rates and insurance plans that provide optimum protection. We want to provide our clients with more choices so they can find insurance that meets their budget and protection needs.

Insurance is critical for protecting property and assets. When shopping for insurance, getting the lowest price may be all you are thinking about. However, we have learned from experience that when you turn in a claim, the right insurance coverage is ultimately what you need. We want to bridge the gap between you and your losses so we can confidently answer the question, “Am I covered for that?”

Fortunately, Cambridge clients get the best prices from the best carriers! With so many A+ Rated carriers to choose from, our clients always get the best price available to them. We offer more choices with the right coverage and an insurance agent to counsel clients throughout their decision process.

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Save and Optimize Your Protection

Even though Home and Auto insurance are required, most people rarely review or update their policies. As a result it is very likely:

  • You are paying too much for your insurance;
  • You are not getting enough coverage for the premium you pay;
  • Your policies are not properly structured; and/or
  • You do not have enough of the right type of coverage.

There could be benefits and discounts available at no additional cost. We have the experience to find and maximize every discount you deserve.

Cambridge Insurance Services has had tremendous success in helping our clients get the most out of their insurance protection. In the end, Cambridge saves you money when they switch from their high profile insurance companies (that spend millions of dollars advertising their more expensive coverage). Cambridge can offer lower rates and better protection, because we have more choices for you.

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