Privacy Policy and Information Disclosure Notice

This notice is to inform you that we collect non-public personal information about you to serve your insurance needs and conduct our business. The types and sources of information include, but are not limited to:

Information we collect:
Name, Address and Phone Number
Social Security Number
Motor Vehicle and Medical Records
Claim and Payment History

We collect information from:
Completed Applications and Forms
Consumer Reporting Agencies
Other Vendors (e.g. Dept of Motor Vehicles)
Other Insurance Companies

In the course of our general business practices, we may disclose the information that we collect about you or others to third parties such as insurance companies and other insurance businesses. We may make these disclosures to:

  • Obtain a premium quote for you
  • Compare different insurers for coverage and price
  • Facilitate the renewal or replacement of coverage
  • Transfer insurance business to a different entity
  • Report or prevent fraud and other illegal activities
  • Verify coverage, benefits or treatment
  • Obtain premium financing for you
  • Perform other insurance transactions

You have the right to request access and amend your personal information. To find out how, please contact our office at 480-409-0500. You also have the right to decline the sharing of your information as described above. If you do not wish us to disclose your information as outlined above, please contact us at 480-409-0500 immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We reserve the right to change this policy and apply changes retroactively, as permitted by law. We will inform you of these changes, as required by law. If you cease to be our customer, this Privacy Policy will continue to apply to the extent we retain your information collected while you were a customer.

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